Year 10 Foundation

A few suggestions:

(a) learn your times tables, this is the Number 1 thing that will help you! Yes you can do it - you manage to learn lots of people's names, times tables are not so different! Try saying them aloud to learn the sound of them. Here is a set of times tables and a random sheet to fill in (then check against the table!). You can generate more random tables using this Excel sheet - press F9 to change the numbers.

(b) understand the different kinds of numbers (fractions, decimals etc) and how they relate to each other (see mind-map below) with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division & BIDMAS

(c ) Be happy using formulae (you have a rule using letters, just put numbers instead of each letter!) and solving equations

(d) Read mynotes, tick the bits you know, learn the bits you don't. There is more than enough in these notes to get a C at GCSE!

A link tonumeracy games for times tables, addition, division etc - practise these again and again and again until you are really good.

Times table songs & raps

Times tables sheet to fill in.

RWM notes forfoundation level Mathematics.

A mindmap for Numbers- try making your own examples for each branch. This should give you an overview of all the arithmetic topics.

Worked solutions (your answers should look like this - make sure you show your working so that you get the method marks):

Unit 1H

Unit 2F

Unit 3F

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