Year 9

Notes for year 9 set 1, to accompany the 9H book.

These are intended as revision notes to give you an overview of everything you have learnt and help you see it in context.

Michaelmas term:

Part 1: scheme of work, equations and sequences

Part 2: numbers, fractions and proportion

Part 3: Pythagoras, angles, construction, locus

Part 4: mean, median and quartiles

Lent term:

Part 5: units

Part 6: area, volume, recurring decimals, standard form, bounds

Part 7: line gradients and trigonometry

Part 8: probability

Part 9: indices

Summer term:

Part 10: bearings, transformations, angles in circles,inequalities

Part 11: Pyramids, cones and spheres.


KS3 level descriptors

Stick-in sheets:

Long division (PowerPoint)

y=mx+cGeogebra applet

Graphical solution of equationsGeogebra applet

Fun with indices(extension)

Solutions to Level 6-8 KS3 tests:

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